Top 5 Fresno Outdoor Wedding Venues

The Central Valley is blessed with a lot of things. The fact that it’s located right in the middle of California and driving distance from the most amazing destinations in this state is one of them, of course. Good weather is another one! On average, Fresno has 271 days of sun a year, so it’s natural that most couples here want to get married outside. I mean, why not take advantage of that right? So here we go, here are our top 5 Fresno Outdoor Wedding Venues:

#1 Villa Nascosta

We might be biased… okay, we are SUPER biased. This is where we got married back in November of 2018. This outdoor venue is beautiful all year long, but it’s especially gorgeous during spring and fall! The owners are delightful to work with, and they have put an insane amount of work into their place, so you really don’t have to think too much about decorations! Our wedding had around 95 guests, but Villa Nascosta can accommodate way more than that! Their space is far from limited, and it has all of the outdoor vibes you can imagine: it overlooks vineyards, there are natural flowers everywhere, patio lights, and an outdoor bar. Lastly, but not least, it has an outdoor kitchen! If you don’t want to worry about hiring a catering company, this Fresno Wedding Venue is perfect for you! They make homemade, delicious, fire-over pizzas for your special day, and we couldn’t have imagined anything better for our own wedding.

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#2 Wolf Lakes Park

Wolf Lakes Park has just about everything. There are two different spaces within the venue, and you can choose what fits your wedding vibe best! The English Garden venue is perfect for intimate weddings, and the Lakeside Venue can fit over 300 guests! Located in the heart of Fresno, this is certainly one of the most beautiful and unique venues in town.

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#3 Toca Madera Winery

This charming winery has one of the best views you could ask for your ceremony and reception! It overlooks their beautiful land and vineyards. Besides that, Toca Madera has amazing outdoor vibes, a great outside sitting area, patio lights, and beautiful flowers everywhere. It’s a beautiful venue all year long, but it looks spectacular during spring! If you love the idea of a winery wedding, Toca Madera is the place for you!

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#4 River Center | San Joaquin River Parkway Trust

If you’re a DYI kind of bride, this venue is for you. San Joaquin Parkway River is a conservation center that holds all kinds of events. You can choose to host your wedding by the pond, or the barn and both are amazing options. This venue allows you to bring your own vendors, which gives you the chance to make your wedding day exactly how you want it to be, and fit your personality like nobody’s business!

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#5 The Manor Estate

This venue truly is a surprise. If you’ve driven on Avenue 9 before you’ll know what I’m talking about. Located in between Fresno and Madera, when you visit The Manor Estate you feel like you’re in a different country! The big white mansion and the amazing garden makes the perfect scene for a wedding ceremony and reception. Besides that, this venue is full of hidden gems, like their out of this world backyard. This outdoor venue can accommodate just about every size wedding, from an intimate setting to a 200-300 guest wedding!

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I hope you’ve found this little guide helpful! We love outdoor ceremonies and receptions, and if you would like to hear more about some of our favorite venues in the Central Valley, please contact us!

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