Pines Resort & Yosemite Wedding

Pines Resort + Yosemite Wedding – the PERFECT combination!
Pines Resort Wedding + Golden Hour Photos at Yosemite

This Pines Resort wedding was one for the books! Ninelly & Shabin were supposed to get married in September, but their plans had to change (again). Just a few days before their wedding date, the Creek Fire grew more and more out of control and the whole town where their ceremony was supposed to be, had to be evacuated. Can you believe it?

What was supposed to be September 13th became October 18th, and it was so special. After having to change plans twice, they really had the most perfect day, surrounded by laughter, family, and all the people they love.

After the ceremony at Pines Resort, we all drove to Yosemite with their bridal party to take golden hour pictures! It was such a beautiful day at the Park, one that we hadn’t seen in a while – the skies were clear and there was no smoke in sight.

We all got to enjoy the sun setting in the Valley, and you could tell those two were feeling nothing but happiness. What a day.

Photo + Video: Stephan & Adriana

Venue: Pines Resort

Flowers: Sweet Dreams Weddings

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  1. […] The Pines Resort – located in Bass Lake, just 35 minutes from the South Entrance of the Park. […]

  2. The energy of these two is contagious, her smile is so sweet! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the golden hour photos, and the use of the dust for some atmosphere. That light is like something out of a movie. Just wow. The video was also such a nice addition. Incredible job!

  3. Natalie says:

    Wow, so beautiful!! I’m so impressed with 2020 couples pulling off these gorgeous weddings with all the craziness and rescheduling this year. Great job pivoting with them and making it happen with them! Love how golden the valley looks in your shots!

  4. Jacqueline G says:

    WOW! What an all around stunning day! I love how joyful the couple and their guests are in all of these photos! So so good. And that sunset is just dreamy!!

  5. Allison Knull says:

    OH MY WOW!! That Wedding Venue is absolutely unreal!! You captured such stunning photographs!

  6. Heather Huie says:

    Gorgeous views and gorgeous couple! This Yose wedding looks like a dream

  7. Micah Mathis says:

    So beautiful! I love that the Pines Resort is close enough that they were able to adventure into Yosemite. I bet they had a ton of fun exploring there for their wedding day!

  8. Erin Drummer says:

    Absolutely stunning photos of the golden valley. You captured their emotions so genuinely ❤️

  9. Kat says:

    They waited and ended up getting a perfect day. Their joy is so great! Can’t beat Yosemite.

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