Anniversary Photoshoot in Yosemite, CA

Anniversary Photo Shoot at Taft Point, Yosemite
“You are my greatest adventure” – UP, Disney Movie

I couldn’t resist sharing a little more from this anniversary photoshoot with Jennifer & Christian! These two decided to celebrate 5 years of marriage by chasing the sunset at Taft Point, and we were so happy to be apart of it.

Jennifer found us through Pinterest just a couple of days before their trip to Yosemite and contacted me to see if we were available, and thank goodness we were! These two LOVE to travel and every year they cross off a place from their bucket list. This year, things were a little different and they didn’t get to go as far. But visiting a couple of National Parks in California and getting to see Taft Point right before closing for the winter is a pretty amazing Plan B.

They have been to every single continent, and don’t plan to stop traveling anytime soon. After spending a couple of hours chatting with them, we left this session with more places on our bucket list!

I added the quote from UP at the beginning of this post because I couldn’t think of a better quote to define marriage. Being with them and seeing their love for each other, friendship, and passion for adventuring was amazing, and we’re so glad we got to be a little part of their story.

This year they celebrated 5 years of marriage and 18 years of knowing each other. We wish Jennifer & Christian many, many more years of adventures!

Important Information

I’m sure you’ve heard that Glacier Point Road was going to be closed for all of next year. Well, NOT ANYMORE! Yosemite had to postpone the construction so that means that we WILL be able to go to Glacier Point AND Taft Point in 2021! WOOOOOO! Can you tell we’re excited?!

Honestly, there is no place like Taft Point. It doesn’t get old, and we can’t wait for the next couples we get to take there next year!

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Chasing sunsets at Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

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  1. Heather Huie says:

    Wow! That Yose light never fails and you captured it so beautifully

  2. Sydney says:

    Such a gorgeous anniversary session! They have such a beautiful story and you captured their love so perfectly.

  3. Natalie says:

    These are STUNNING! Sunset at Taft Point never disappoints and you captured your couple with the last rays of light so beautifully. Seriously gorgeous!

  4. Jacqueline G says:

    What a gorgeous couple! And the BEST plan b! Covid might’ve thrown a wrench in their original plans but I’m sure they feel so thankful to have these beautiful images to celebrate their love!!

  5. Andrea says:

    I can’t get over the light between the trees an her beautiful dress! WOW!

  6. Kristen says:

    Glad to see it will all still be open next year! Hopefully I’m able to visit before the construction begins. Definite bucket list location!

  7. Dila says:

    WOW the lighting is soooo gorgeous!!! and they look like they are having a blast! well done

  8. Lindsay says:

    These images are beyond gorgeous, I bet the couple was thrilled you were available on such little notice. And I am in love with your edits!

  9. Wow – these photos are absolutely stunning! The views are epic and the light in the forest is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these photos for us all to enjoy!

  10. kaely says:

    The light and views are unreal!!

  11. Leo says:

    The light is amazing and you’ve captured it so well. I really like the range of images in the gallery too… it’s not all about the big views. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Saul says:

    The light rays in the first few photos are absolutely magical. I’m blown away by your work!!

  13. Kelly Shoul says:

    man yosemite is just so beautiful! great job

  14. Van Gachnang says:

    WOW, these photos make me miss Yosemite so much!! Great job capturing the light and atmosphere, I bet this couple adores their photos.

  15. Traci says:

    Yosemite seriously never gets old, cant wait to be back in this place some day.

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