eloping with kids

Eloping with kids may sound like the craziest idea to some. But to others, it’s the perfect way to celebrate marriage, family, and the outdoors. On this blog, I wanted to share some galleries from couples that brought their kiddos along for their elopement adventure! A+A reached out to us wanting to elope in one […]

Eloping with Kids in Yosemite National Park, CA

Eloping truly gives you so much freedom and you can basically have whatever day you want to have. This, sometimes, can feel extra overwhelming. And that’s why I’m really excited to share this guide with you! This step-by-step is all about planning an elopement! How to Elope – Step By Step! You will find below […]

Planning an Elopement – Step-by-Step Guide

I don’t think anyone plans or hopes for a rainy elopement day. But the truth is, it can happen. So how do you deal with it? That’s the question I’m going to answer on this blog! K+N and their families came all the way from New York to Yosemite National Park to get married. They […]

Gorgeous Rainy Elopement Day in Yosemite

It’s that time of the year! To look back and reflect on what 2022 meant for us as a couple, as people, and as your California Elopement Photographers. It’s hard to talk about 2022 without mentioning 2021. Last year was amazing, but we came out of it knowing we needed to make some major changes. […]

Stephan & Adriana, California Elopement Photographers | Best of 2022