Yosemite is a special place to many of our couples, for many different reasons. But to Megan & Michael, Yosemite played a huge role in their relationship. They spent 4 years doing lots of climbing and hiking throughout the Park, and couldn’t see themselves getting married anywhere else. There were a lot of logistics that […]

Rock Climbing Elopement in Yosemite

April 28th, 2023. This day was supposed to be spent in Sequoia National Park. Walking around amongst the biggest trees on this planet. But nature had other plans for us. What would’ve been a very chill day, ended up turning into a hardcore hiking elopement (almost a snowshoeing elopement for that matter)! And it was […]

Hiking Elopement – Chasing Giant Sequoias in Yosemite NP

Winter Wedding in Yosemite

Planning a winter wedding in Yosemite is no small task. Especially when your wedding falls within one of the craziest and longest winter storms in decades! L+D had no doubt about the location of their intimate wedding. The connection they share with Yosemite National Park is quite deep, both individually and as a couple. They […]

A Magical Winter Wedding in Yosemite

This wedding venue in Santa Cruz, CA is pure magic. The Sequoia Retreat Center is nestled in a redwood forest and it was such a magical setting for Kayla & Adrian’s wedding. Surrounded by family, friends, and nature, these two had a wedding day that was simply… them. They implemented some traditions and threw away […]

Sequoia Retreat Center Wedding – A Venue in the Redwood Forest