Gorgeous Rainy Elopement Day in Yosemite

rainy elopement

I don’t think anyone plans or hopes for a rainy elopement day. But the truth is, it can happen. So how do you deal with it? That’s the question I’m going to answer on this blog!

K+N and their families came all the way from New York to Yosemite National Park to get married. They were so happy to get out of the snow and cold because yes, it was already snowing in NY in October!

As it’s part of our routine before an elopement day, I started looking at the weather forecast for that week. Sure enough, there was a 90% chance of rain on their day.

I waited a couple more days to contact them since the predictions change literally every day in the mountains. But once we got close enough it was pretty clear – it was going to rain at some point.

K+N told me that they were not worried though. They were just in awe of the Park and happy to be there. As the week went by, the probability of rain went down to 60%!

The elopement day arrived and it felt like (in the words of their officiant, Cindie) the Yosemite Gods were throwing their magic out for us. It was so windy at times, cloudy, sunny, and hailing, and yes… we got a rainbow! Not only that, but the sunset at the end of the day was also epic.

Yosemite was pure magic that day. And the thing is, if it was a sunny clear day, we knew exactly what to expect.

This day, we didn’t.

We were running around chasing rainbows, golden light, and rain that looked like glitter in the sun.

These pictures will give you an idea of how amazing the Park was. And stick out until the end so you can read our main tips for dealing with a rainy elopement day.

We started the day with a sweet first look at the Wawona Hotel
Their ceremony in Yosemite Valley was so personal and so beautiful
Rainy Elopement
The rest of the day continued to be pure magic in Yosemite

This is just a fraction of K+N images! It was a wonderful day, indeed. And if you can’t tell by their smiles, they were as stoked as we were with each surprise the weather threw at us!

Now, as I promised, let’s check out these tips below!

How to Deal With a Rainy Elopement Day

I want to being by saying that we do take into consideration one important factor: safety. When extreme weather is in the forecast, we have to approach our choices differently. Although it’s very rare, certain storms could even cause the Park to close. So as you read through these tips, keep in mind we’re talking about “normal weather” (rain, snow, hail, wind, etc).

  • Keep an open mind: a very important mindset here. When you choose to get married outdoors, the weather will always be a factor. You can’t control it. And oftentimes, there isn’t a “covered plan B” available. So it’s important that you keep an open mind, and know that we will make the most out of any situation that gets thrown at us.

  • Umbrellas: get yourself and your guests some clear umbrellas! It does wonders. I always say clear because they’ll look really nice in pictures and won’t block the light. In this case, K+N did get umbrellas but completely forgot to bring them, haha. It happens!

  • Stay warm: If your wedding is in the fall, winter, or any other chilly month, it’s a good idea to bring extra (and good jackets). Rain jackets and windbreakers are a must! This will help you stay warm between photos.

  • Be OK with having to change plans: maybe you were planning a super complicated hairstyle, or maybe you wanted to wear high heels the whole time. Well, the weather might not agree with your choices. The bride here, for example, decided to have her natural hair and very simple makeup, which did not get ruined by the wind and rain at all!

  • Communicate with your guests: your guests might not be watching the forecast as closely as you are. Chat with them, so they know what to expect and can also prepare for the day!

  • Don’t worry about your photographers: our cameras are weather sealed. We shot under the rain for several hours and didn’t have a single piece of equipment breaking. And if you’re worried about your images, let me tell you a secret: photographers love overcast days! The lighting is so soft and beautiful, which allows us more options for places to shoot! It’s a blast, I promise!

I hope this blog helped you realize that having a rainy elopement day doesn’t have to be a bummer. It opens up your day to possibilities, and you might even get a rainbow!

Thank you to all who read these, and please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re planning your elopement or intimate wedding in California!


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