Yosemite Engagement Photos | Sunrise & Sunset Photos

Yosemite Engagement Photos

If you absolutely love being outdoors, Yosemite National Park might be the perfect place for your Engagement Photos! With so many amazing locations to choose from, it can get overwhelming to pick just one. But who says you have to? Claire & Eric decided to celebrate their engagement with a FULL day of adventures! Their Yosemite Engagement Photos were pretty epic, and I’m super excited to share it with you!

We started our day pretty early, at 6:30 am! But man, was it worth it. We watched the sunrise over at Tunnel View, and it was one of the most amazing sunrises we’ve ever seen! Because of the smoke from the wildfires in California, there was a permanent haze in the sky. That haze was responsible for making those crazy light rays will see in the pictures!

Then we all hiked to Vernal Falls and spent the rest of the morning enjoying our time there. It wasn’t as full as usual, but that meant we could get pretty close to it without getting soaked! We had a blast getting creative and being able to be so close to this beauty!

Yosemite Engagement Session

Yosemite Engagement Session

After the morning shoot, we all needed to recharge! So we had breakfast, coffee (of course), and napped a bunch! Then we all met up again to finish the day watching the sunset in one of the most amazing locations in Yosemite: Taft Point. Once again, the smoke was on our side. It created this crazy long pink glow that was lighting up Taft for a whole hour!

This Yosemite Engagement Session is definitely one for the books! If you can’t imagine yourself celebrating your engagement or marriage in any other way, contact us! We would love to come along on your adventure and capture it all!

Yosemite Engagement Session

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  1. angela hays says:

    This is SOO STUNNING!! That first picture is amazing. Love your editing– clean and timeless. And this couple is adorable. Also, your information was informative for clients so they know they better jump on it before the road closes. These two were lucky to get both sunrise and sunset with you.

  2. Wow, the blue hues in this gallery were mouth-dropping! I loved how sunrise and sunset looked so artistically gorgeous with the varying hues. Great work, and yes coffee and naps are always a necessity between sessions! This couple looks so thrilled to be taking in all the Yosemite goodness <3

  3. Aline Marin says:

    Stunning! I will be here dreaming with the day I’ll make it to Yosemite and hopefully meet you guys! You do such gorgeous work!! Love the story in between the lines, all the pictures are amazing! So perfect!

  4. Ashley Joyce says:

    Wow, all of these photos are gorgeous! I love all the different lighting scenarios you were able to capture in Yosemite – it really provides a diverse gallery. I especially love the photos at sunset!

  5. Kaci says:

    These Yosemite engagement photos are golden. The smoke haze really showcases the sun rays. I love love love her dresses! I think it was such a good idea that you went for sunrise then recharged, napped, and shot at sunset too. Sounds like an amazing, fun day and a great way to get beautiful engagement photos!

  6. Andrea says:

    These photos are flipping gorgeous!!!! You captured the beauty of Yosemite and this couple’s love story flawlessly!

  7. Traci says:

    So beautiful! That first shot is stunning.

  8. Amanda says:

    That light is so gorgeous! These are amazing. Stunning work!!

  9. Teresa Woodhull says:

    I have never been to Yosemite but it looks like a beautiful park! The engagement photos are amazing!

  10. Marla says:

    whaaaaat! These are so insanely gorgeous, you did a great job capturing their love during this adventure!

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  14. This whole engagement session is so dreamy!! I love how you played with light throughout the day – lovely work!!

  15. Emmy says:

    Wow these are absolutely breathtaking images of Yosemite national park. You all had some absolutely stunning lighting and did a beautiful job of capturing it

  16. David says:

    That morning light is absolutely stunning!

    Yosemite is that one location on my bucket list that I still haven’t ticked off yet (in my adult life).

    Would LOVE to visit on car free day in the Spring and ride my bike all over the park!

  17. Kristen says:

    Wowza! So amazing that you did both sunrise and sunset. I really love the sunrise photos with all the different mountain peaks in the background and that truly stunning sunlight peeking through. Beautiful work!

  18. So BEAUTIFUL and so romantic! These photos are just perfect

  19. Suvi says:

    Gorgeus photos! Getting photos both at sunrise and sunset is just awesome.

  20. Samantha Rose says:

    Oh my gosh so dreamy and magical! Yosemite is at the top of my bucket list. Also love that they did photos at sunrise and sunset and got a full day out of it!

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