Redwood Ranch Three Rivers Wedding

When Janelle & Tony decided to have an intimate wedding with 15 of their closest friends, they started the search for the perfect wedding venue. Well, it turned out Redwood Ranch Three Rivers couldn’t be any more perfect!

In this blog post, I want to share a couple of reasons why this venue is beyond ideal for weddings and especially intimate weddings. Make sure to also check out Janelle & Tony’s wedding gallery at the end and get inspired for your elopement!

redwood ranch three rivers
The Venue

Redwood Ranch Three Rivers is a private ranch on 190 acres located in Three Rivers, CA. The drive towards the venue is beautiful, and it immediately gave us a sense of peace and quiet. Arriving there is even better! All we could hear was the river, the peacocks, and nature.

Their recently renovated Barn (2016) is also part of the reason why this venue is so perfect for intimate weddings. The Barn isn’t just a beautiful ceremony/reception spot, but it’s also a gorgeous place for you and your guests to stay! The Barn sleeps 16 people, which was the exact count for Janelle & Tony’s intimate wedding!

At Redwood Ranch Three Rivers you can have an intimate wedding or go all out and invite up to 250 guests. If you’re planning on having more guests than the Barn can sleep, there are a LOT of other cool Airbnbs in Three Rivers. I’ve made a list of my favorites ones, and you can check out the list in this article.

redwood ranch three rivers
redwood ranch three rivers

The other HUGE BONUS is that this venue is only 4 miles to the Southern Gate of Sequoia National Park! So if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always go on a short drive and take some photos around Sequoia! Or perhaps just go for a post-wedding hike with your guests!

As photographers, this place was a dream. Between the river, the fields of wildflowers, the barn, and the bridges, there’s an infinite amount of amazing photo spots, and we absolutely LOVED shooting a wedding there. Having your wedding at Redwood Ranch Three Rivers means your gallery will have such a variety of landscapes, which is super cool considering it’s all in ONE place!

The Wedding

To protect everyone from the pandemic, Janelle & Tony made the tough decision of having a wedding without any family. They wanted to get married and celebrate, but they didn’t want to risk any of their family members possibily getting sick during the event. So they decided to have an intimate wedding surrounded by 15 of their closest friends (all vaccinated!) and have a bigger celebration with everyone later!

When we were chatting about their wedding day timeline, Janelle & Tony kept saying all they wanted was time to hang out with their friends and to not feel rushed throughout the day. In my opinion, these two set their priorities just right.

More often than not, wedding days can feel so rushed and full of events, tasks, and traditions. Your day goes by in a flash and you barely remember it. The pandemic has forced a lot of people to change plans completely, and while it hasn’t been ideal, there have been so many couples that ended up falling in love with their “plan B”!

I personally think it’s pretty cool to see people realizing they don’t need to follow traditions that simply don’t fit with them, and I hope this trend continues for a very long time – and you know what? I think it will.

Janelle & Tony’s wedding was exactly what they wanted. A chill day that was meant to be celebrated and enjoyed with their best friends. A day filled with laughter, pizza, and zero stress.

Check out their intimate wedding video & photos at Redwood Ranch Three Rivers below!

Photo & Video – Stephan & Adriana

Venue – Redwood Ranch Three Rivers

Makeup & Hair: Beauty by Corin

Flowers – Rustic Roots

Dress – Essense of Australia

Cake – Gourmet Cakes & Desserts

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  1. Kelly Shoul says:

    stunning photos! This Redwood Ranch Three Rivers Wedding was really beautiful. The fact that they got pizza on their wedding just proves their the kind of couple that is a dream to work with. The photos of the wildflowers in the foreground are bomb. great job!

  2. Samuel says:

    First, I love that you offer both photo and video, it’s such a special thing to be able to document these once in a lifetime moments in such a way.

    Now, that first photo with the couple looking at the camera with the peacock in the background literally looks like some kind of fantasy world in Avatar.

    Well played. Beautifully captured.

    Best wishes

    Samuel 🏴‍☠️

  3. Amy Isacson says:

    Such gorgeous photos – they must be thrilled with them! You did a fantastic job of documenting and sharing the story of their day! Well done!!

  4. Brittany Johnson says:

    What a gorgeous day! I love how you used the light and that your editing is true to life, these photos and their video sneak peek are so beautiful!

  5. Wow this area is absolutely breathtaking. I loved how intimate their day felt with just their closest loved ones and also pizza for dinner?! Such a perfect day.

  6. David says:

    What a perfect venue for this intimate micro wedding. The colours from the wild flowers are gorgeous!

  7. Heather says:

    Yes yes yes!! I love pizza at weddings lol! These photos are seriously so beautiful– especially the one’s by the purple flowers. Amazing job capturing this sweet couple!

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  9. Wow, their day was beautiful and you did an incredible job capturing so many intimate moments! This is such a stellar venue– I love the backdrop with the barn, and all of the variety that the property has. Gorgeous work!

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