Husband & Wife – Fresno State Photo Session

Professional photography services are a luxury. You know that and we know that. It’s not a necessity. It’s not food, water or toilet paper. So, like any luxury, we save it for special dates like weddings, anniversaries, graduation, family photos for holiday cards, etc.

But sometimes this luxury brings a lot more than just pretty pictures. Sometimes a photoshoot can make you relive certain memories and put a huge smile on your face. And that’s what happened during this photoshoot last Sunday.

Chantea and Michael are married and have four beautiful kids. They met at Fresno State, the same place where he proposed to her, right in front of the library. She had this vision to relive their student days during the photoshoot and we got on board right away. We had such a good time, shot them in four different locations, with three different outfits in just an hour and a half, it was a blast!

So yes, professional photography is a luxury, but it’s also an experience! A photoshoot can make a regular day turn into a special day! You’ll end up with pictures to remember that particular date forever, and even if it’s not the biggest occasion of your life, it’s still worth having memories of.



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