Convict Lake Wedding | Hayley & Pablo

Mammoth Lakes, CA is a beautiful place. It’s no wonder so many people visit this area each year. In 2020, the year of outdoor elopements and small weddings, Mammoth has no shortage of beautiful landscapes to serve as a background for your wedding! Hayley fell in love with the whole area and she planned a Convict Lake wedding in just 3 weeks!



Convict Lake Wedding


The Story

Stephan and I met Hayley when we skated for Disney On Ice. Hayley was actually my first friend on tour ever. We met in 2012 when I got hired to join the show just 2 weeks after my audition! I joined the cast at the end of their South American Tour and had to learn everything really quickly. Hayley took me in and made those 2 months on tour the best! Unfortunately, that was also the year she was moving on and retiring from Disney. I had to say goodbye to such a good friend, and I definitely never thought I would be taking her wedding pictures 8 years later!

Hayley continued her skating career and joined the cruise ships skating cast. She is one of the few women in the world that can do a trick called “backflip”. Believe me, it’s super hard to do it on the ice. She met Pablo, an amazing drummer from Argentina in one of their tours, and after working and traveling together for a while, these two got engaged!

The Wedding

They were about to announce an October wedding in March when the world turned upside down. They had to change their plans, so they picture themselves eloping in Banff, Canada, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains. Well, travel restrictions took place and that also had to change. Hayley figured they would probably get married in California, so she started the search for a place like Banff. That’s when she came across Mammoth Lakes, and she had no doubt she found the perfect location!

Her sister officiated their wedding, and everyone invited was family. Pablo had a one Argentinian there representing his family and friends: Niko. A crazy good friend that drove 600 miles just to be there with him! Hayley’s family members each had a message from Pablo’s family, and they read it during the ceremony, all in Spanish! In these crazy times we’re living in, their plans had to change so much, and many things weren’t ideal. Pablo’s families couldn’t fly to California, they couldn’t have a big party with all of their mutual friends from the cruise ships, and the list goes on.

But they made it work. Most importantly, they got married! And they still celebrated their marriage and love for each other at this beautiful ceremony! And I’m 100% sure these two will have a big party in Buenos Aires to celebrate with everyone whenever it’s possible!


Convict Lake Wedding


To learn a bit more about Mammoth Lakes and the Inyo National Forest visit their Official Website.

If you’re wondering what the next steps are to plan an Elopement, CONTACT US, we would love to help!



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  2. Kristen says:

    I love her dress and that they included their pooch in their day! Beautiful captures!

  3. Bayli says:

    I love the vivd colors! Oh, and I can’t forget the cute doggo.

  4. These are beautiful! I love their story and love that they planned it all in three weeks!

  5. Mikalynn Amos says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Those mountains are incredible.

  6. Tom says:

    That tree stump shot though! Wow – stunning work!

  7. Leah says:

    What a beautiful spot! I’ll take that over a big wedding any day! <3

  8. Julie says:

    Aww all the people cheering them in the water! I love it

  9. I cannot get over this view! You captured this wedding so well and that backlighting is out of this world amazing!

  10. Kya says:

    HER DRESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Oh my gosh this wedding is #goals

  11. Jenn says:

    I’m such a sucker for a sequin dress! This location is lovely and the emotion you’ve captured here is so beautiful!

  12. Wow! Mammoth Lakes looks like an amazing place. What a great spot to get married! And you’ve captured this beautifully notwithstanding the harsh light at that time of the day! Love the story…

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