Big Sur Engagement Session | From the Beach to Cliffside Views

big sur engagement session

This Big Sur engagement session was such an amazing one!

M+A are eloping in Yosemite later this year, so they wanted something completely different for their engagement session. After a couple of emails back and forth we decided that Big Sur was the perfect place!

Big Sur really is one of the most amazing places in California. It’s hard to beat the variety of landscapes you get in this region of the world! It’s no wonder thousands of people fly from all over the world to see these beaches, cliffside views, and more!

There are a lot of iconic sights in Big Sur, like Bixby Bridge, Mcway Falls, etc. But M+A didn’t really care about that. They just wanted to be within nature and not have to worry about too many people being around.

The two locations below were picked because we could literally get from the beach to a State Park trail within minutes.

When we arrived at our first location it was SO windy that it was hard to walk. But guess what? The wind drove most people away that day, it was perfect!

it doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

big sur engagement session
Tips for your Big Sur Engagement Session
  • Pack layers! It might be sunny and nice during the day, but once the sun starts going down, it cools down real quick. The temperature can go from 75 to 55 within minutes!

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Most trails in Big Sur are sandy, or dirty. It’s important to wear something safe and that you can walk on comfortably!

  • Bring champagne! Or a picnic! Or whatever you two want to do. There’s nothing better than doing your favorite activity while watching the sun go down in such an iconic place.

  • Embrace the wind. Sometimes, your hair will be all over your face. Sometimes the wind will blow in the perfect direction. And here’s the thing about Big Sur… it will most likely be windy. But that’s not a bad thing! I love when Mother Nature throws an extra element at us! It makes your session unique.

  • Avoid touching anything – Big Sur has a lot of poison oak. Just stick to the paths and trails, and don’t wander around the bushes!

  • Avoid holidays. This area can be super crowded around certain holidays, especially Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.

  • Weekdays are the best!

  • Make a trip out of it, and stay for a couple of days. There’s seriously so much to see along Highway 1. We’ve done the drive a couple of times and still haven’t been everywhere!
big sur engagement session
Did you know you can elope in Big Sur?


If you’re in the beginning stages of the planning process and still trying to figure out where to elope, you should consider Big Sur!

To elope in public land, you’ll need to apply for a permit, but it’s not hard. And you’ll need to keep your guests to a minimum. Usually, permits with fewer than 10 people get approved.

If your party exceeds 10, don’t worry! There are plenty of private lands in Big Sur with gorgeous views where you can invite more people. I’m talking about hotels – such as Ventana Big Sur – wedding venues, Airbnbs, etc.

For more information on eloping in Big Sur, check out our Guide to Elope in Big Sur here.


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