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The Beauty of Eloping

Elopements are not like they used to be anymore. When you elope it doesn’t mean you’re running away from your family and getting married in secret. When you choose to elope that just means you and your fiancé are not traditional. You don’t dream of a big wedding, a huge party or having the most elaborate decoration. And that’s okay.

This year we flew to Brazil to shoot an elopement in one of the highest mountains in the state of Rio. Erika was our adventurous bride and she always thought she wanted a huge wedding. Until she met Marcelo. They both share a passion for trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and all sorts of adventures.

Hiking nearly 6 hours, sleeping at the top of the mountain and waking up at 4 am for their ceremony couldn’t have been more… them. There was no other way they could picture their wedding day. And you know the coolest part about this? Their families were so happy about it.

There are no rules. If you can’t picture yourself having a traditional wedding, don’t do it. It’s the most special day of your lives and you should spend it how you want to.

As long as you’re both happy with the decision of eloping, your family and friends will be happy for you, they’ll understand. And there are plenty of ways to include them as well. Plan a family dinner after the fact, show up wearing your wedding attires and surprise them! That’s what Erika and Marcelo did and everyone was so excited to see them wearing their wedding clothes, bouquet in hand and all!

Climb a mountain, camp under the stars, read your vows barefoot above the clouds.

Have the wedding of YOUR dreams.

To see more pictures from this awesome elopement in Brazil, CLICK HERE.



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