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Shaver Lake Engagement Photos – Ashlie & Silvestre


This is the beauty of living in Fresno. Within 1 to 3 hours of driving, you can be anywhere. Yosemite, Big Sur, Sequoia National Park, San Francisco, and the list goes on. Shaver Lake is a favorite getaway of many people, since it’s so close, only 1 and a half-hour drive!

We drove up there two weeks before Ashlie and Silvestre’s engagement session to pick out some spots and we found two we really liked!

In just under 2 hours we were able to get two completely different feels for their photos. One, with the lake as the background, of course. And two, a beautiful and empty hike that had some fall colors and almost a mystical feel to it. It actually reminded me of the Sleeping Beauty movie!

We had such a good time and we felt pretty thankful for two things: California and all of its beautiful landscapes + this awesome local hiker that messaged me back on Instagram with plenty of trail options for us to explore! Sometimes Social Media is pretty cool.

Check out more photos below!


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