Layback Yosemite Couple Photoshoot – Jingle & Thomas

Jingle and Thomas couldn’t have made our first instagram giveway any better. When they found out they were the winners for a couples photo session in Yosemite they were so excited! She called the park and scored (I still don’t know how she did it) a last minute camping spot for a weekend night in the middle of spring.

We were all exicted about this shoot, but little did we know how much we would relate to each other. Jingle is from Malaysia and Thomas is from the states. They are both adventurous and will drive no matter how many hours to go to a National Park or explore somewhere new. Their height difference is… pretty big lol. Any similarities with Stephan and I? Yeah, I think so.

We had such an awesome time walking around the valley for hours, chatting about life, getting to know each other and of course, taking some pictures. Their love is beautiful to see and for sure wasn’t hard to capture. And it’s days like this one that makes us appreciate the people and the moments that photography brings to us.



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