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5 Tips to have a Stress Free Wedding

Your wedding day is simply one of the most awesome days of your whole life! And you can spend that day either worrying about every little detail or choosing to enjoy it to the max. The most fun weddings have a few things in common, and I wanted to share them with you, so you can have the best day possible! So here are my 5 tips to have a stress free wedding!


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#1 Planning

The planning process is indeed very important. One of my biggest pieces of advice for our couples is to figure out their priorities, from the very beginning. Do you want to have time to join your guests for the cocktail hour and chat with them? Do you want the dance floor to open early so you can dance the night away and have the time of your life? All of those things are possible, in fact, it’s your day, so anything YOU want, is possible. You just need to make sure you prioritize them while building your wedding day timeline so you have the wedding day YOU want to have!


#2 Location

The closer the place where you’re getting ready, to the ceremony location, to the reception venue is, the better. Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to spend the biggest day of your life driving around and worrying about traffic, or if your uncle will make it on time. When your whole wedding happens in one place, or within a few minutes from each other, there are fewer logistics to figure out, for everybody! It makes your wedding vendors, your guests, and, most importantly, your lives easier!


#3 Extra Time

Assuming that things will run a little late isn’t a bad idea. When you’re building your timeline, add 10 or 15 extra minutes for everything. That way, you won’t have to spend your wedding day looking at the clock and worried if things are on time! Giving yourself extra time means giving yourself peace of mind!


#4 Hire Vendors You Trust

Either you’re hiring a wedding planner or not, take some time to know your vendors. Ask them all of the questions you have in mind, share your concerns with them, and make sure you’re all on the same page about your wedding day! As photographers, we always send our couples a pre-wedding questionnaire that needs to be ready a month before the wedding day. Your answers will be the key for us to build our own photography timeline and make sure we’ll have time to capture all of the important moments! That way, you don’t have to worry about anything, but being present.


#5 Chose Not To Care

That’s such a weird thing to say, I know. But it makes sense, I promise! Here’s the thing: things will go “wrong”. When I say that I mean that the whole day won’t be perfect. Maybe the cake will be delivered a little late, or maybe one of your bridesmaids will get stuck in traffic. Things happen. But you can choose how you deal with them, and my biggest piece of advice is DON’T CARE! Because hey, you’re getting married! And it’s awesome! And everyone is so happy for you! So from the moment you wake up just say to yourself “nothing will bother me today”. The bottom line is nothing is so big that it’s worth taking the joy out of your day.


Wedding planning, and sometimes even the wedding day, can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Our biggest promise as your photographers is that we’ll capture all of the beautiful, genuine moments that happen throughout your day, and create beautiful portraits that you can cherish for the rest of your life as well! If you’d like to chat more about your wedding day or hear about some of our favorite locations for engagement shoots, please contact us, we would love that!

If you’ve found these tips helpful, you should get our ULTIMATE GUIDE for a stress-free wedding! A 12-page guide with clear and useful tips, created with the intent to help you from the moment you get engaged until you’re the last two people on the dance floor on your wedding day! Sounds good?! Get the guide HERE!

  1. leonie may says:

    yaaaas love these tips!!! super helpful, all these are a must!

  2. Rob Dight says:

    These are really great tips! Stress free weddings all the way!

  3. Lina Hayes says:

    Great tips! I particularly love your point about going with the flow when things don’t go to plan, and just having a positive attitude no matter what happens. 🙂

  4. Sariah says:

    Super helpful tips! Ain’t nobody got time to be stressing on their wedding day!

  5. Kat Carney says:

    Such great tips and so much to think about for couples! Reading through these answers a ton of questions!

  6. Bailey Boggs says:

    This is such good advice! thank you for sharing!

  7. Afton says:

    Yes yes yes to the last point! The little details and things that may not end up as planned aren’t the thing you’re going to remember at the end of the day. Such a helpful article to remind us all of this 🙂

  8. Lauren says:

    This was SO good, and so so accurate! These are really great tips, you clearly have lots of good insight 🙂

  9. Alex C says:

    These are all fantastic tips! What a great resource- every couple deserves a stress free day!!

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